Music Marathon 2022

This was a fantastic event, drawing together a huge range of performers.  We achieved what we set out to do and filled St Paul’s Church with continuous music for 12 hours.  The Music Marathon also drew in a steady stream of visitors, helped by the Christian Aid clothes swap stall, and refreshments.  The standout part of the day for many was the Sustainable Fashion Show, accompanied by music combining the organ and electronics, but all of the performances over the 12 hours were fantastic, and fitted the mood of each part of the day perfectly.

A huge thanks to all of the performers, refreshment providers, clothes swappers and the team who organised the day to run so smoothly, for making the event such a success.  A total of £1,568.12 was collected and split between the One Equal Music fund and the DEC Ukraine Emergency Appeal, and the Clothes Swap and Fashion Show raised further money for Christian Aid. The programme for the day was as follows:

12:00 Bristol School of Dancing

12:15 I Powell (organ)

12:30 K Beasley & S Lee (Musical Theatre)

12:45 R Swales (flute) and I Powell (piano)

13:00 P Dixon (piano)

13:30 M Williams (lever harp)

14:00 Royal York Singers

14:30 T and R Warren (piano)

15:00 Clifton Singers

15:30 M Peirson (oboe) and J Bartlett (piano)

15:45  M Selby (voice) & Pot Luck

16:00  ‘Singing for the Brain’ – J Bartlett (piano) and everyone else!

16:30  J (voice) & I Powell (piano)

16:45  S Hanna (voice)

17:00 University of Bristol Church Choir

17:30  M Davies and R Swales (piano duets)

17:45  I Powell (cello) and J Bartlett (piano)

18:00  C Smith (piano)

18:30  Concord Clarinets

19:00  Christian Aid Fashion Show (music J Goodlad and I Powell)

19:45  M Laban (flute)

20:00  J Goodlad (jazz piano)

20:15  X and S Straw (guitar and vocal)

20:30  G Royston, M Peirson (voices) and J Bartlett (piano)

20:45  L Booth (poetry) and J Bartlett (piano)

21:00  Avon Chamber Choir – choral music by candlelight (Compline)

22:00  J Dorman

23:00  M Peirson (voice and guitar) & Pot Luck

23:30  ‘Rest’ – sacred chants and prayers to end the day (led by P Dixon)