Music Marathon 2022

12 hours of continuous music-making: midday to midnight on Saturday 21st May 2022.  A huge range of musicians performed, and the event was supported by refreshments and a clothes swap stall.  The programme for the day was as follows:

12:00 Bristol School of Dancing

12:15 I Powell (organ)

12:30 K Beasley & S Lee (Musical Theatre)

12:45 R Swales (flute) and I Powell (piano)

13:00 P Dixon (piano)

13:30 M Williams (lever harp)

14:00 Royal York Singers

14:30 T and R Warren (piano)

15:00 Clifton Singers

15:30 M Peirson (oboe) and J Bartlett (piano)

15:45  M Selby (voice) & Pot Luck

16:00  ‘Singing for the Brain’ – J Bartlett (piano) and everyone else!

16:30  J (voice) & I Powell (piano)

16:45  S Hanna (voice)

17:00 University of Bristol Church Choir

17:30  M Davies and R Swales (piano duets)

17:45  I Powell (cello) and J Bartlett (piano)

18:00  C Smith (piano)

18:30  Concord Clarinets

19:00  Christian Aid Fashion Show (music J Goodlad and I Powell)

19:45  M Laban (flute)

20:00  J Goodlad (jazz piano)

20:15  X and S Straw (guitar and vocal)

20:30  G Royston, M Peirson (voices) and J Bartlett (piano)

20:45  L Booth (poetry) and J Bartlett (piano)

21:00  Avon Chamber Choir – choral music by candlelight (Compline)

22:00  J Dorman

23:00  M Peirson (voice and guitar) & Pot Luck

23:30  ‘Rest’ – sacred chants and prayers to end the day (led by P Dixon)