This month’s poerty-heavy issue of Connections is on the theme of ‘Place; a subject I chose inspired by some of David’s reflections during Lent ( you can read them in the recent e-newsletters!) The question of what it means to have a faith that is grounded in our particular time and place is one that’s interested me for a while, and was brought home for me last year by our recordering project. Seeing the new church hall being put to such good use by all our different functions, from Early Foundations to Cotham Club, has been thrilling and rewarding particularly for those of us who signed off on the project and have offered practical hep during its development.

Its been a joy to receive Place-themed items from around our benefice and include them in this newsletter-hope you enjoy reading them !

Nat Schaefer.

You can read connections here: Connections newsletter – March-April 2024