A brief History of St Paul’s

1853 – November 8th – The original Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.  A public appeal had raised £5,000 for the construction.

1859 – Major reduction of Parish Boundaries.

1867 – December 16th – Church destroyed by fire, except for the tower and clock.

1868 – September 29th – Bishop’s reconsecraton of the new building, designed by Charles Hansom (also responsible for Clifton College).  Construction cost £7,000.

1871-1887 – Stained glass windows by Hardmans of Birmingham installed.

1898 – Retirement of the first Vicar, Canon Mather, after 45 years of service.

1901 – appointment of 13 gentlemen sidemen.  This group included 5 physicians.

1903 – the Reredos, including the mosaics, along with redecoration of the chancel, given by Mr and Mrs Hudson (daughter and son in law of Sir George White) folloing their marriage.

1914-1918 – 48 parishioners die on active service in the First World War.

1925 – Reform of Pew Rents.

1938 – Parish sponsors a Woman Missionary / Bible Woman in India and China

1939 – 1945 – 10 parishioners die on active service in World War II

1941 – BBC gives up occupation o the Parish Hall after air raids.

1953 – St Paul’s Centenary.  231 on the Electoral Roll.  £321. 7s.6d raised fr Centenary Fund.  Marked with special Services and tea in the Parish Hall.

1956 – Girls admitted to the Choir.

1957 – St Paul’s becomes the base for the University Anglican Chaplaincy and Choir.

1963 – First 5 sideswomen appointed.

1965 – 1966 – Sale of the Parish Hall.  Proceeds used for the conversion of the Upper Room and Vestries.

1976 – Services broadcast on BBC Television.

1977 – 1979 – First woman Church Warden Elected.

1981 – Clifton, Cotham and Redland Council of Churches formed from separate area ecumenical groups.
One World, St Paul’s sponsor a well in Northern India and a church in San Salvador.
Julian Chapel created.

1985 – First Lay woman elected to General Synod to represent the Diocese.

1991 – Radical re-ordering of the Chancel – with extension of the dais and removal of the front rows of pews.

1992 – First ordained woman Priest celebrates Parish Eucharist.

1994 – 1998 – United Benefice with St Michael’s on the Mount Without.

1997 – Major Redecoration of the interior of the Church.  Celebration of 40 years of the Chaplaincy.

1999 – Overseas Assistant Chaplains – Lutherans – first appointed.

2000 – First woman University Organ Scholar appointed.
United Benefice with St Mary’s, Cotham.

2003 – Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the first church.

2014 – Roof to be repaired.

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