Sunday 5th November at Cotham Parish Church: A Space to Remember those who have died and those who are bereaved

On Sunday 5th November, from after the morning Eucharist, about 11.15am, to 4pm, Cotham Parish Church (Cotham Road, BS6 6DR, at the junction of St Micahel’s Hill and Cotham Road) will be open to enable anyone who wishes the opportunity to find space to remember, to be still, or simply to use the space in a way most helpful to you.

There will be candles for you to light in memory of friends or family if you wish.
Other spaces – Flower Dedication; Seed Planting (these will be transplanted into the Church garden next spring, and carefully tended); Hearts (a creative, collaborative art display for all ages); Welcome Space (a place to talk, drink tea and eat cake – if you care to).
Each area will be clearly marked to show you what happens in it, and you will be most welcome to stay as long as you like while the church is open.

The names of people we are remembering will be read out at the end of the afternoon. If you would like to add a name or names to this list please do so. They will also prayed for each day during the following week at morning prayer.

Please do join us for a cup of tea or coffee which is in the Welcome Space at the back of the Church.

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