Flanders Recorder Quartet 2nd October 2017

The Flanders Quartet are probably the best recorder ensemble in the world at the moment. They have been together 30 years and have played around 2000 concerts in 30 countries across 5 continents. Their extensive collection of instruments and virtuosic performance of a richly varied program makes each concert an unforgettable experience and allows the recorder to shine.

If you haven’t heard the recorder played properly then you have a treat in store. At their concert at 7.45pm on Monday 2nd October, they will be playing many types of recorder from the descant, which everyone will be familiar with, to some which are over 8 feet tall. It will be a varied programme with pieces from the renaissance and baroque periods, as well as some modern pieces written especially for them; something for everyone. Tickets cost £17 and are available either by email to UKtour@flanders-recorder-quartet.be or by ringing Josee on 07711 307105.

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